When designing a pool, what often overlooked decision has a MAJOR IMPACT on the look and feel of your pool? Read below to find out!

If you’re planning to put in a pool, chances are you’ve given some (or even a lot) of thought to your pool shape, pool size/depth, and the types of features you’d like your pool to have. However, another decision that sometimes becomes an after thought but can drastically change the look and feel of your pool is the COLOR you choose!

When it comes to pool color, you will be choosing not only between “light” vs. “dark”, but just about every shade in between. At True Poolscapes, we will model your pool project with 3D renderings in multiple color options to help you choose the perfect shade for your backyard oasis. In the meantime, consider these high level differences between lighter color pools and darker colored pools:

Lighter colored pools


Darker colored pools

  • Lighter color pools tend to give a tropical, beach-like feel to your space, while a dark pool tends to convey a feeling like an deep ocean or lake

  • Lighter color pools will typically show more dirt, sand and debris on the pool floor compared to a darker color. A darker color will do a much better job masking a dirty pool

  • Sometimes it can be more difficult to perceive pool depth with dark color pools

  • Darker pools absorb more heat than light color pools (like dark clothing vs. light cloring); the light color pools reflect a lot of the heat and radiation. This can mean cooler water temperatures for a light color pool which comes in handy on a sizzling summer day. If you plan to use your pool during the cooler months, a darker color pool will likely allow for less pool heating as it’s naturally a little warmer

  • Darker color pools may require a little more maintenance and/or chemicals. The naturally warmer temperatures (thanks to the darker pool) can be more conducive for breeding algae 

    If you're looking for a pool designer/builder to help you think through all of the details, contact True Poolscapes (512-649-1063, team@truepoolscapes.com) or click here for an initial consult!