How 360 degree photos/videos can save you time and money on your pool build...

Pool design technology has come a long way from pencil and paper sketches of pool specifications. Today, pool designs can be converted into three dimensional renderings that portray every last detail of the pool design, shape, layout, and features. Thanks to satellite imagery, this 3D depiction can be displayed in the homeowner's actual backyard, which provides amazing perpspective to the homeowner of what the final product will look like.

One of the latest features in the world of pool design technology is the use of 360 degree photos and videos when creating renderings. In case you’re unfamiliar, 360 imagery allows the viewer to virtually look around by panning in all directions. This creates a true first person feel that allows the viewer to explore the scene interactively. Here's an example (from a smartphone/tablet: move your finger across the screen; from a PC: click and drag the mouse button):  


You may think that 360 renderings provide a level of “wow factor” and a flashy sales presentation, but not much else beyond that. We believe making use of this technology not only looks cool, but it can actually save you time and money on your pool project!

Not surprisingly, it is much easier to make changes to your pool design BEFORE the construction process begins. So any tools that allow you to get a better sense of what your pool/outdoor living space will look like help eliminate the need for design changes AFTER the build has already started. Changes requested after construction have started will almost certainly add extra cost to your project and result in timeline delays.  By exploring and studying your pool design from all different angles via 360 renderings, you will be able to identify details that you might want to modify before construction begins. 

Detailed and interactive renderings can help you avoid headaches and unexpected costs during your pool build. At True Poolscapes, we spend the extra time and effort upfront to make sure the final product will match your initial vision. Contact us at 512-649-1063 or for an initial consult!