Building a pool? Don't forget built-in seating! Here are the 4 most popular designs...

When thinking about their swimming pool design, most homeowners consider the basics like shape, size, and depth. However, the details that can take a backyard swimming pool from “functional” to “fabulous” are often overlooked. One way to enhance your pool’s versatility is to include built-in seating. Built-in seating encourages socialization and relaxation, allowing family and friends to not only swim (duh!) in your pool, but continue enjoying the pool while sitting back and relaxing. Here are some examples of in-pool seating to inspire your design:

Built-in bench

A built-in bench can be placed strategically along the perimeter of your pool to provide in-pool seating that will naturally include a back rest

Stair/bench combo

A bench or benches can be extended as part of a stair feature to create a seating area that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing

Bar stools

Bar stools allow the versatility of 360 degree viewing (while seated, you can rotate to be facing any direction)

Tanning ledge

A tanning ledge allows you to create a versatile seating area with soak chairs and an umbrella (as pictured here), but it can also double as a shallow play area for children!

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